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Medical imaging solutions was started in the year 2000. Our goal is to provide high quality imaging solutions customized to your unique diagnostic and clinical needs. Our team consists of highly motivated and trained professionals. We will work closely with you from start to finish of a project.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Neuroimaging
  • General Radiology
  • Cardivascular Imaging
  • Microscopy Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine


Ramesh Avula Ph.D
Founder and President

Dr. Avula has a doctorate degree in Biomedical Engineering and has over 15 years of research and development experience in medical imaging. He worked on medical imaging projects at the Bioengineering department, Pennsylvania State University PA. He was involved in developing Image processing algorithms and software to process multi-dimensional radiology images at the Diagnostic Radiology dept. Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN. He is the founder of Medical Imaging Solutions based in Rochester MN.



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