Neuro Imaging Applications:

  • Diagnostic tool to identify areas of regional activation in the brain during seizure in Epilepsy patients using
    advanced Imaging of SPECT and MRI.

  • Brain Volumetric Measurements in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

  • Quantification of White Matter Disease progression.

  • Automatic Segmentation and Classification of MR brain Images with application to Multiple sclerosis.

Nuclear Medicine Applications:

  • A method to visualize and measure the accommodation of the entire stomach, fasting and postprandial using SPECT volume.

  • An application to extract the tumor boundary from PET images, compute the volumes and fuse the tumor mask on to the corresponding CT images.

Volume Visualization Application:

  • A platform to visualize, navigate, process and analyze the multi-modality multi-dimensional medical images,
    Volume Visualization and Navigation Tool (VVNT)

General Radiology Applications

  • Automatic Image Contrast and Brightness Adjustment of MR images.

  • Automated Quality Assurance software for Film Digitizers.

  • Automatic custom radiology Image Analysis.

Cardiovascular Projects

  • 3-D Micro CT Analysis of Coronary vascular networks.

  • Left ventricular volume measurements from Cardiac Gated Blood Pool SPECT Images.

Medical Applications

  • Nuclear Cardiology patient Reports generation program.

  • Development of Endoscopy imaging system for image acquisition, processing, display and Patient Information Management System.

Microscopy Imaging Applications

  • Image enhancement of Optical sectioning Microscopy Images.

  • Automatic Shape-Based cellular Classification.


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