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Radiology Society of North America 2004 Annual Meeting :

         Medical Imaging Solutions(MIS) presented Advanced nuclear medicine applications at the InfoRAD Booth.These applications were  developed for Mayo Clinic Nuclear Medicine and Radiology  departments.


VVNT freeware  beta version :

         MIS releases VVNT freeware  beta version in January 2005. ROI editing, manipulating tools are available Registration and Fusion functionality is available in the custom versions.

         VVNT beta freeware Details.

Related Projects:

         MIS developed a custom radiation oncology application. Functionality include automatic and semi automatic tumor or organ extraction from PET images, fuse on CT. Saving the object  masks in DICOM and RTSS (Radiation Therapy Structure Set) formats.  This application allows users to reload, edit modify the RTSS files.

  • DICOM-RTSS files saves the regions of interest trace points.

MIS Brochure :

Medicine Technology Biology :

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